“We have forgotten how to remember so much…” —Teresia Teaiwa

OCEANIA begins at the center of the planet on a coral atoll – predicted to become uninhabitable by 2030 due to rising sea levels and temperatures brought by climate change. We journey with a mother and her adult son as they struggle to maintain their culture, freedom and independence. In the wake of decades of colonizing encounters, we soon realize our seemingly disparate histories, experiences and fates — are all connected.
As OCEANIA maintains a tension between both discovery and potential loss, we are invited to recenter our relationship to climate science data and facts—feeling the emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of the ecological crisis. OCEANIA is an elegy, an inquiry and a call to action—as it asks us to reconsider what connections are most vital to human and ecological survival and why we must reestablish them if we are to survive as a species.
The production of OCEANIA is still in-progress.
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